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A positive layer and a negative layer of silicon are pressed together inside a solar cell. When the sun hits one of the layers, it excites the free electrons which then flow back and forth creating a natural electric current. The more panels there are, the more power they generate.
This depends on the size of your system, but typically a homeowner's system will generate enough power their home throughout the day. Any excess power generated can be either stored in a battery system, or in some areas, be sold back to the local electrical company. Imagine receiving a check from the electricity company, instead of a bill.
Solar energy still only accounts for a small percentage of the overall energy usage, but solar power has been enjoying huge increases in the past few years. They are now many tax incentives, such as solar rebates, to help promote this new form of electricity and get more people to consider purchasing a solar panel system for their own homes. The benefits are truly amazing when you educate yourself and get the right information.

Benefits of going solar

You can lower electrical bills by up to 70%. The good news is there are many federal tax credits available each year to help offset the costs, writing off up to 30% of the install, and allowing you to install with no money down. Credits and programs vary from state to state. We have been able to uncomplicate the paperwork and get answers to the rebates you can personally get on your home, in your state. The average home in the USA saves over $30,000 by going solar. Let us help you let the money and the sun shine in.